Here you will find a brief selection of comments, to illustrate the aims and ethos of Touch Type Titans, from parents of children (and sometimes the children themselves) who have completed a Titans course over the years.

You did a course for my 2 daughters and 4 of their friends in July 2018 and they have kept up their skills brilliantly.  It paid off massively over lockdown when so much of their education was online and they needed their keyboard skills every day.  They are now 18 and 16 and finally realise that having their mother press them into learning during the summer holidays was fabulous in retrospect!

Mother of Marina and Tabitha, 3 years after a private intensive course
October 2021

Thank you so much for your support in helping Bethany develop her touch typing skills.  Your expertise coupled with your patient encouragement have enabled her to bypass her handwriting difficulties and finally express herself to her true ability on paper.

Mother of Bethany, aged 9 (following private lessons)

February 2020



The touch typing is proving to be a great skill for Callum.  Ewen is flying with his and he thinks it's the best thing he ever learnt!

Mother of Callum and Ewen, twins aged 10 (following term time course)
April 2021
We've been very impressed with your communication throughout and you certainly succeeded in making the course enjoyable for both boys.
Mother of Edwin, aged 12 and Will aged 10 (following Oct half-term intensive week)
October 2019


I loved doing [the course] with the kids! I found the games [away from the computer] really helpful to remember where the keys are; thinking about the letters in a different way helped me to cement them in my head. The moving around helped me focus better too - the kids must need that - and the snack break helped too! I am so glad we did the course and can see the boys wanting to get better and understanding it will help them in the future. And I can really feel my accuracy improving....
Mother of Herbie, aged 12 and Frank, aged 10 (following May half-term intensive course)
June 2019
Thank you for your [end of course] advice in your email. We have set a target for him of 10 minutes a day to practice and have found that when I have said 'ok, 10 minutes is up' he still continues to practice. Sept 2017 Ollie is now typing at 33 words per minute with 98% accuracy consistently. He has not been doing it every day as we went away a couple of times but I would say 10 mins, 4 days a week when we were home.
Mother of Oliver, aged 13 (following a summer intensive week)
August 2017


Your course is well organised and structured and the children can progress quickly if they follow the program and practice regularly….all in all, very impressed and will be recommending to our friends
Mother of Matthew, aged 11 (10 week course)
December 2016
I think the course worked for Holly because it allowed her time to focus exclusively on learning the skill – I think when you try to teach yourself at home there are too many distractions!
Mother of Holly, aged 10 (private lessons)
September 2015


He thoroughly enjoyed his week with you and is happily showing us what he has learned. He did start the week in his usual 'I'm not going to like this' manner, but came away feeling good about the skills he was learning.
Mother of Saif, aged 11 (following summer intensive week)
September 2021
I had been quite apprehensive about sending them on a course in their half term. I needn't have worried - as soon as I picked them up after the first session, I could tell they were going to enjoy it. They had a great time and I am really impressed at how much progress they made during their time with you.
Mother of Hugo, aged 10 and Isabelle, aged 9 (following Oc half-term intensive week)
October 2019
Julian really enjoyed his typing lessons and was very proud to have achieved high results and an Amazon voucher - he's already put it towards a keyboard! You can see he is keen 😉
Mother of Julian, aged 10 (10 week course at Elangeni school)
March 2018


Connie surprised herself by really enjoying the week! She was very, very motivated by the chance to earn stamps towards an Amazon voucher. I hope the glow of enthusiasm will last long enough for her to carry out some of your suggested follow up games!
Mother of Connie, aged 13 (summer intensive week)
July 2017
Thank you for all the effort and patience you’ve put in to getting him touch typing. It’s certainly starting to pay off in terms of progress at school, as you can see from his latest report: Since the introduction of his laptop, Nick has thrived in English….he has worked so incredibly hard to get his typing up to speed and this has had a profound effect on Nick. He is achieving in all areas and his confidence and self-esteem are improving by the day.’
Mother of Nick, aged 9 (private lessons)
January 2016


Louis had no desire to touch type – I basically told him he wasn’t getting a laptop for his next school until he had learned! He ended up really enjoying the course and said he was sad it ended! I don’t know how you did it! He’s now using his new skill.
Mother of Louis, aged 11 (10 week course)
May 2015
She said the course was more fun than the bit of touch-typing she has done at school, because there are games and challenges mixed in with the lessons.
Mother of Chloe, aged 11 (following a summer intensive week)
August 2019


Henry has been practicing every day and is now on 41wpm with 95% accuracy
Mother of Henry, aged 12 (following a summer holiday intensive week)
August 2018
Thank you so much for teaching me to type it has really helped me i am so happy i did it.It was so much fun and thank you for the voucher i decided to by two fidget spinner and a book to make me want to read more often!Just again thank you so much for helping me it has been a pleasure being with you i wish we could do it again and see you someday in the future!😎😀
Bobby, aged 11 (10 week course at Elangeni school)
March 2017


Rachel thoroughly enjoyed the course, as did her friends. To be honest, I was amazed as I thought they would be moaning and bored but they were so enthusiastic and keen to attend each day
Mother of Rachel, aged 10 (Xmas intensive course)
December 2015
Although Govina was initially reluctant to attend the course, in the end she admitted it was very useful. Surprisingly, she goes off to practise without being prompted
Mother of Govina, aged 12 (summer intensive)
August 2014


I’d like to thank you, on behalf of my brother and myself, for teaching us how to touch type and improving our speed and accuracy. It has really helped us to get projects and essays done quicker so that they don’t drag on, and also put us one step ahead of our friends!
Zachary, aged 13 (10 week course)
November 2013
This has been GENIUS!!! It is a skill I wanted him to have and he has been so happy to learn because it has been fun…invaluable, THANK YOU.
Mother of Charlie, aged 12 (10 week course)
July 2012


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