Changes to Titans courses during the Covid19 pandemic

It takes between 20-25 hours to learn to touch type effectively i.e. to around 30 words per minute with at least 90% accuracy. BC i.e. Before Covid, all Titans courses totalled 15 hours and the expectation was that each child would do home practice (with tutor guidance) either between lessons, on the weekly term time courses, or after the course, on the intensive courses, to make up the necessary further hours.

Social distancing measures led to changes in lesson lengths and pupil numbers in each Titans class and therefore adapted courses.  These adaptions proved beneficial to students so are being maintained, despite relaxation in government restrictions. Below are details for these revised Intensive holiday courses AND Term time lessons. Private tuition details remain the same - click here for details.

Limited Places

At the moment, the teaching space available and social distancing rules mean that there are places for just 6 students (as opposed to the usual 10) on each course. Costs are therefore based on Titan’s private tuition cost schedule rather than the standard course costs published elsewhere on this website.


All lessons will take place in a teaching studio at the bottom of the tutor’s garden in Amersham.  Access to a lavatory in the house will be permitted.  School based lessons are being reintroduced from 2021 autumn term onwards.


Intensive holiday courses

Before Covid-19, the majority of children on previous intensive holiday courses have achieved the ability to touch type A to Z, with all their fingers and without the need to look, in 5 lessons of 3 hours i.e. 15 hours of tuition.  Two breaks were necessary for the children; one for a keyboard related game away from the keyboard; another as complete 'down time', to socialise or otherwise relax and refuel with a snack.

During Covid-19, it is difficult to give a snack/socialising break and maintain a sensible social distance so lessons have been reduced to 1.5 hours.

In order to attain the same level of learning on these new, adapted courses, it is recommended that you EITHER book two weeks of 1.5 hours lessons (weeks do not need to be consecutive) OR book 2 x 1.5 hours of lessons in one week  Both options will achieve 10 lessons of 1.5 hours i.e. 15 hours and the best level of achievement for new students.  However, it is of course possible to book just 5 lessons of 1.5 hours in one week and perhaps return at another time to develop further.

please note: lessons do not need to be at consecutive times on the same day and you will need to EITHER supervise your child between each of the lessons OR give written permission for your child to self-supervise away from the teaching premises if you choose the option of 2 lessons/day.

These holiday courses are open to children aged 9-18.  There are either term time or private lessons available for younger children.

Dates and times - holiday courses

Courses will run in the following weeks (2 week bookings do not need to be in consecutive weeks):

25-29 October 2021 (autumn half term)

21-25 February 2022 (spring half term)

11-14 April 2022 (Easter holiday)

Courses in each of these weeks will provisionally run at the following times (2 lessons/day do not need to immediately follow each other):
Lessons have been timed with at least a half hour gap between in order to:
- accept and release children one by one at a safe social distance
- clean all equipment with disinfectant between lessons
- allow students to have a parent or self-supervised break between 2 lessons on the same day

Please note that whilst there will be courses in all of the weeks listed, not ALL lesson times are guaranteed. Titans will take bookings, form groups of 6 children and, as each time is filled, confirm this course. If you are able to be flexible about the time of day your child attends tuition, you are more likely to secure a place in your preferred week(s).

Costs and 20% discount - holiday courses

You will receive over 20% discount when you book 10 or more hours of tuition – that’s a saving of £54 per child.
5 x 1.5 hours of tuition (1 lesson/day in 1 week) = £132
10 x 1.5 hours of tuition (1 lesson/day in 2 weeks OR 2 lessons/day in 1 week) = £210 (saving £54)

Please note: fees are non-refundable and if a lesson is missed through illness or another commitment, it will not be possible to make it up at another time.

Term time lessons

Before Covid-19, 10 weekly lessons of 1.5 hours with home practice between lessons gave most children the ability to reach the end of the programme and gain a useful touch-typing speed.

During Covid-19 this lesson format will continue.  Depending on place availability, children can join at the beginning of the term or after half term and continue lessons in pre-booked blocks of either 5 or 10 lessons until the required level of skill – decided in discussion between parents and tutor - is achieved.  Please note that the minimum number of lessons for new students is 10 lessons.  Returning students can choose between 5 or 10 lessons.

If joining in the middle of a term, an initial lesson of 1 hour - charged at private tuition rates - is required before a child joins a group.  This will give your child a sound introduction to the programme we use and get them up and running rapidly which generally increases their enthusiasm to learn.  The initial lesson may sometimes be arranged with another child/children and the cost of the lesson will reflect this.

These term-time lessons are open to children aged 7-18.  However, unless there is a compelling reason (like dyslexia or dyspraxia) for a 7 or 8 year old to learn to touch type, it is highly recommended that a child waits until their 9th birthday (or school Year 5) before starting to learn.

Dates and times - term time lessons

Lessons run on Thursdays, 5-6.30pm* in the following term-time weeks (NB depending on space availability, it is possible to join a group in any of these weeks):

Autumn term 2021 - 16 October - 25 November (excl. 28 October)

Spring term 2022 - 13 January - 31 March (excl. 17 and 24 February)

Summer term 2022 - 28 April - 7 July (excl. 2 June)

*if there is sufficient demand for other times/days, these will be added to the schedule – please contact Clare to express your preferences.

Costs and 20% discount - term time lessons

You will receive over 20% discount (on standard private tuition costs) when you book 10 or more hours of tuition – that’s a saving of £54 per child.  Lessons must be taken in consecutive weeks, though can span either side of a school holiday period; the start date is flexible and dependant on availability:
1 x 1 hour initial lesson = £30 (1:1) OR £18 (1:2 or more)
5 x 1.5 hours of tuition (1 lesson/week for 5 weeks) = £132
10 x 1.5 hours of tuition (1 lesson/week for 10 weeks) = £210 (saving £54)

Please note: fees are non-refundable and if a lesson is missed through illness or another commitment, it will not be possible to make it up at another time.

Mixed age groups and abilities achieve the best results

All children go at their own pace with individual tutor support so experienced Titan students will work alongside, but at a different level to, other students who are complete beginners.  These mixed ability groups have always worked extremely well in motivating everyone; returners/continuers set a fabulous, motivating example for beginners and are also very keen to work hard to maintain their lead!

Covid-19 safety measures

In line with government guidance to reduce the risk of infection, your Titans tutor will:
ensure a sensible social distance is maintained between students during tuition.
ensure all students hand-sanitize at the beginning and end of each lesson.
ensure the teaching studio is well-ventilated at all times (via a mechanical ventilating heat recovery unit)
disinfect all equipment between lessons.
issue guidance on the system for dropping off and collecting your child safely, prior to the beginning of tuition.


Click the Book Now button to be directed to a short booking form which will ask you for your available AND preferred weeks/times. Upon receipt of this, Titans will:
request a £50 non-refundable (except in the case of Titan’s cancelling the course due to a change in Covid restrictions) deposit.
reserve places on possible/preferred courses in the order in which confirming deposits are received
once 4 students have paid a deposit, EITHER confirm your place on the course of your preferred time/week OR allow you to accept/decline (and remain on your ‘preferred’ course list) a course you have listed as possible but not preferred.

Titans will endeavour to meet everyone’s preferences but please be aware that this may not always be possible. To help with the process, please think really carefully about your child’s full availability before completing the booking form. Your help and understanding at this complex, ever changing time is very much appreciated.

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