Children aged 7-9, who are diagnosed with a specific learning difficulty like dyslexia or dyspraxia, are often advised to learn to touch type; Touch Type Titans has weekly lessons carefully designed for this very young age group.

Gentle learning for little people

Touch Type Titans runs very small group courses, for the 7-9 age group, which take place on Saturday mornings. Lessons are shorter than for the older age group and class sizes are kept to a maximum of 5 students per group so that each child receives all the attention they need to stay focused and happy and therefore learn effectively.  (Please note that individual private tuition is also available where even a small group is not the best option for your child).

Since the introduction of his laptop, Nick has thrived in English...he has worked so incredibly hard to get his typing up to speed and this has had a profound effect on Nick. He is achieving in all areas and his confidence and self-esteem are improving by the day.
Taken from the school report of Nick, aged 9 and dyslexic, after graduating from a 7-9 years Titans group


Start learning at any time

There are no set dates for starting and finishing on these 7-9 ‘courses’. Children join at any point in the term/year – introduced to touch typing and the programme we use at an initial 1:1 session before joining their group – and leave when they have reached the target decided between their tutor and their parents. Whilst this is generally at a skill level of 30 words per minute (the speed at which the skill is known to become automatic) with at least 90% accuracy, each target is individual to the needs of each child.  The majority of schools will require an efficiency level of at least 20wpm before allowing a child to work on a laptop in class.

How long does it take?

The time required for each child to learn to touch type effectively depends on the amount of time that child is able to find to practice between lessons, along with the severity of any learning difficulty. It generally takes about 2-3 terms for this age group but it can take longer.

Because this age group, particularly, remain positive while they can see progression and tend to take a couple of steps backwards in confidence and skill with long breaks, Titans aims to keep 7-9 groups going through the holidays (albeit less consistently) but it is entirely your choice as to whether you take advantage of this continuity.

Costs and flexibility

Private Tuition costs apply to 7-9 years group lessons. Lessons are booked in blocks of 10 x 1 hour lessons and are non-refundable but entirely flexible for redemption. If you need to miss a lesson due to, for instance, family commitments, sports fixtures or a party, you do not pay for the lesson, as long as you give 24 hours’ notice.

Because every student in the group has this flexibility, class sizes (and therefore lesson cost) can occasionally vary. The 24 hours’ notice allows Titans to notify a parent if their child is going to be the only one in the class that week. They can then decide whether to go ahead with the 1:1 lesson or skip it. In reality this situation occurs extremely rarely in term-time and only very occasionally during the holidays.

To request a cost schedule and class availability, please contact us.

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