Is email-composing a major burden?
Does report-writing take you forever?

Everyone, at whatever age, benefits from learning to touch type and speed and the liberating ability to THINK about content (and not the keyboard) at the same time as typing can save many, many hours of valuable time.

An entirely average touch typing speed is 60 words per minute and the fastest typers can go at 120wpm – that’s two words a second!

Though there are plenty of ‘teach-yourself’ programmes on the market, Titans provides the support and discipline necessary for adults to gain this time-saving skill in as short a time as possible.

‘I didn’t think you could teach old dinosaurs new tricks but I was hooked from the first lesson
Tony, Entrepreneur

Flexible learning

With private tuition, you can set your own pace of learning and choose lesson times, days and frequency; you can learn at the tutor’s premises, at home or in the work place; lessons can be 1:1 or in a group – everything can be arranged around your schedule and needs.

No regrets

Have you ever come across a touch-typer who regrets learning?
They don’t exist!

There are plenty of adults, however, who regret NOT having learnt. It really is a liberating life-skill and well worth the relatively short investment of time it takes to gain it.

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